TH7 War Base Anti-Hogs

Couples of days ago, Supercell released a new update which changed every old TH7 War Base in game. All bases are obsolete right now, that’s why today I will give you a brand new base with lots of magical funnels inside. Hope you will like it!


Take a look at this video for the speed build:

Some features of this TH7 War Base:

  • There are lots of anti-dragon funnels inside the base. Also, with the excellent Air Defense and Air Sweepers placements as you can see in the screenshot and video above. All buildings with high HP such as Gold Storages, Elixir Storages and Laboratory are used for protecting defensive buildings which are used to deal with Dragons. The best funnels to deal with Dragons are located at the top and the bottom of the base. Of course, most attackers attack this base from these two directions!
  • Air Sweeper can protect both left and right Air Defenses. All players, especially Town Hall 8 players, don’t want to attack from the side where AW is protecting.
  • If they hit the AS at first, they will get attacked by Air Defenses from far far away. So If Dragons are placed from the opposite side, they will get blown away. No matter where attackers start the battle, Dragons will always go around the base and get hit by not only Wizard Towers and Air Bombs, oh yes, and the Seeking Air Mine.
  • Centralized Clan Castle is also extremely important to stop attackers from sniping your AS and ADs with Hog Riders.
  • As you can see, all Spring Traps are placed in the funnels to make sure they always can can fly off more than 3 Hog Riders at a time regardless of where they are placed.
  • Just like Hog Riders, Balloons and Giants are working the same way. They will always triggers the bombs and traps inside while getting hit by Air Sweepers and Archer Towers.

For more details, you can take a look at this page:

Enjoy guys!


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